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Who We Are

INECE develops and implements practical and innovative activities that strengthen environmental compliance and enforcement at all levels of governance – local, national, regional, and international. INECE builds the capacity of compliance and enforcement stakeholders to contribute to the rule of law and good governance in areas that advance sustainable development.
The Network is comprised of environmental regulators, investigators, prosecutors, judges, and employees of international environmental and development organizations. Officials from customs, the police, non-governmental organizations, academia, the media, and business also participate.

Founded in 1989, INECE is the only global organization focused exclusively on achieving compliance with environmental law through effective compliance promotion and enforcement strategies, including administrative, civil, criminal, and judicial enforcement. INECE works on both national implementation of domestic environmental laws and on improving the effectiveness of multilateral environmental agreements.

INECE communicates that environmental compliance and enforcement play a fundamental role in building the foundation for the rule of law, good governance, and sustainable development.

INECE’s goals are to

Improve enforcement and compliance through better cooperation.
Strengthen capacity throughout the regulatory cycle to implement and secure compliance with environmental requirements.
Raise awareness of the importance of environmental compliance and enforcement to sustainable development.

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